People say that people in Tokyo are cold and unkind. Well, actually that’s true. Tokyo is a busy place where busy people live in or work at. People in rush hour in the train is the worst. Everybody pushes everyone and you see no smile in people’s faces. You see no life in their faces. 

But not this time. Everyone that I saw across seems to be happy. Well, may be not every single one of them but at least most of them. May be because it wasn’t rush hour. I didn’t really like Tokyo before but I actually liked it today. 

Buildings in Tokyo are high, and so are people's head. I mean, people in suits seem to have a clear vision and a bright future ahead. People I saw around Imperial Palace on the other hand, seem to be so relaxed and soft which I find it wonderful. 

Written & Photos Taken by 

 Klive Roales Aguilar|立教大学経営学部 

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